Director of Pupil Personnel (DPP)

**Position will be filled with an interim until permanently hired for the 2020/2021 school year**

TITLE: Director of Pupil Personnel

REPORTS TO: Superintendent


  • Provides leadership and supervision in the planning, implementation and
  • evaluation of pupil personnel, and pupil attendance services.
  • Administers the enrollment, registration, attendance system, accounting, and census functions of the district. Communicates and enforces Kentucky laws and regulations related to enrollment and truancy.


  • Maintains knowledge of current laws, regulations, school board policies and procedures, as well as emerging trends and current research in pupil attendance to increase school attendance and Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) funding.
  • Works with principals, teachers, pupils, parents, community agencies, social workers, attendance workers, and the court to implement a research based system of school level interventions to improve pupil attendance, and to provide attendance incentive programs;
  • Coordinates and serves as a member of the Truancy Diversion Program meetings.
  • Coordinates and supervises the work of school attendance personnel;
  • Provides information to schools and parents regarding school enrollment requirements;
  • Does whatever is necessary to enforce the laws regarding compulsory attendance;
  • Communicates with parents, pupils, various state and local agencies, and the media on procedures, policies, and laws relating to pupil attendance;
  • Interacts with pupils and parents or guardians on issues relating to enrollment, attendance, truancy, drop-out interventions;
  • Coordinates driver license monitoring with high school personnel to ensure implementation of the No Pass No Drive law;
  • Makes home visits and/or conferences with parents and students as may be deemed necessary and informs the school of the home conditions of the child.
  • Implements and monitors the school board tuition policy and provides an annual report to the superintendent;

  • Implements and monitors school board policy and procedures for approval of Home and Hospital instruction. Chairs Home and Hospital Instruction committee, maintains documentation used to monitor pupil attendance;

  • Acts as the KSIS contact for the School district;

  • Maintains the student data system ;

  • Acts as the District LEAD Coordinator;

  • Assists the Calendar Committee in developing and submitting the School Calendar to the Superintendent each year;
  • Attends to all record keeping functions, correspondence, data requests and any other requests related to duties of the Pupil Personnel office;
  • Supervises attendance accounting in all schools, applying school board policies and procedures regarding guardianship of students, I-20 Foreign Exchange pupils, immigrant and migrant pupils, homeless pupils and any other pupils presenting for enrollment.
  • Maintains an integrated census and attendance record for all pupils;
  • Maintains all district level cumulative records for the present as well as the past;
  • Establishes and maintains liaison with local referral agencies.
  • Maintains regular attendance;
  • Performs all other duties as assigned;


Master’s Degree in Education

  • Three (3) years teaching experience
  • Current Kentucky Teacher’s Certification
  • Kentucky Certification for Director of Pupil Personnel
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