Marketing Assistant - Entry Level

We are ecstatic to be able to call ourselves one of the top innovators in the ever evolving world of brand management and marketing. Our Marketing Assistants make an optimal team that helps our clients and potential new leads with their marketing, branding and promotional requirements. Currently, our firm is seeking an Marketing Assistants with prominent management and marketing skills to join our company and help us continue to increase the elite customer service we offer alongside our un-matching brand management sales for our clients.

The Marketing Assistants role is to support the rest of the brand management team. The Marketing Assistants work hand in hand with other teammates developing brand management strategies for our clients. The Marketing Assistants always provide clear communication in reference to any relevant ideas that can help improve the quality of our clients promotional campaigns.

The Daily Responsibilities will include:

  • Working alongside fellow Marketing Assistants to develop an appropriate promotional campaign for our clients

  • Communicating regularly with the rest of their team as well as the managers with ideas and information that can help elevate the clients brand presence

  • Conducting research on the surrounding territory for the clients and collaborating on a superior way to promote their services

  • Developing an amicable and professional relationship with our current client list and potential new client portfolios

Preferred Qualifications:

  • College degree and/or relative experience in brand management or marketing

  • Willingness to learn our companies marketing and sales tactics

  • Proving to have a professional and motivated demeanor with our company and our clients

  • Ability to show a creative and perceptive side while working on our clients campaign

  • Proficiency in basic computer skills is an asset when transitioning into the management side

  • Punctuality and having the ability to be flexible with their work schedule is a plus

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