Class Definition

GENERAL DEFINITION OF CLASS: This is an advanced paraprofessional class in the direct patient care hierarchy. Work involves providing direct care and treatment to severely and chronically mentally disabled patients in a secure forensic treatment setting. It involves promoting the therapeutic milieu while exercising custody and supervision of forensic patients consistent with nursing care and treatment plans; performs related work in a forensic setting as required.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of a registered nurse whom assignments are received in outline form; specific instructions are given with each new or unusual assignment; work is subject to review and inspection in process and upon completion for effectiveness and conformance with standards of care in both a hospital and a specifically forensic setting, including hospital policies, procedures and instructions.
SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Supervises patients.

Illustrative Examples of Work Performed

To performs a variety of duties involved in providing direct care and treatment to severely and chronically mentally disabled patients on and off the Forensic Psychiatric Unit.
To performs duties related to therapeutic evaluation.
To interacts with patients; listens, encourages, supports and gives appropriate feedback.
To assists professional staff in formulating and implementing treatment plans; serves as a member of a treatment team; writes progress notes in patient's chart.
To wakes, bathes, dresses, feeds and grooms patients as necessary and prepares them for visitors, grounds privileges, off-site appointments and bed.
To observes policies and procedures pertaining to the security of the building and the forensic unit. This includes but is not limited to conducting locked and open ward rounds; making patient count and safety checks; filing ward status reports; observing unusual behavior and reporting unusual incidents to a superior.
To escorts doctors and visitors on wards as required.
To insures that patient quarters are in sanitary, safe and orderly condition and free of dangerous or unapproved items constituting sharps, contraband or flammables as per Eleanor Slater Hospital policy.
To organizes, plans, directs and implements and participates in unit-based therapeutic patient activities and off-unit activity programs.
To physically restrains patients when necessary commensurate with hospital policy and behavioral emergency response training. Restraints are applied under supervision as directed and as per Eleanor Slater Hospital restraint policy.
To observes and reports on physical health of patients; brings signs and symptoms of physical illness to the attention of a superior; assist with physicals of blood work and collects specimens as assigned. Takes temperature, pulse and respiration rates.
To carries out patient admission, discharge and transfer procedures; inspects patients for sharps, contraband and flammables as directed and as per Eleanor Slater Hospital policy.
To assists professional nurses and other personnel give treatments of prescribed medications.
To performs as a member of the therapeutic team by establishing a positive helping relationship with the patients concerned and interacting professionally with other team members in carrying out the treatment programs developed. This includes collaborating with professional staff and contributing to treatment planning quality assurance or performance improvement activities as necessary.
To supervises patient recreational activities; escorts patients to appointments and off-site activities.
To maintains cleanliness and safety of patient's immediate environment; cares for patient's clothing and personal effects.
To recognizes and implements a full range of infection control and disease prevention measures.
To identifies and reports elopements and participates in searches.
To wears only appropriate dress and only hospital-approved identification badge.
To provides one-on-one special supervision and observational care as assigned.
To performs routine housekeeping duties to maintain the appropriate therapeutic milieu.
To do related work as required.

Required Qualifications for Appointment

KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES & CAPACITIES: A working knowledge of the practices, methods and techniques for the custody, care and treatment of the psychiatric patient, including those with mental and developmental disabilities, in a forensic setting and the ability to apply such knowledge (such knowledge including basic first aid, housekeeping, patient personal needs and activities of daily living, minor treatments and infection control); the ability to safeguard and supervise patients and to maintain order, control and discipline in a therapeutic context and in a therapeutic fashion; the ability to converse and interact with patients and staff in a professional, positive and therapeutic manner; the ability to observe attitudes and the mental and physical and other reactions of patients and relate them orally to supervisors or other members of the treatment team and in writing in the medical record; the ability to observe clinical details about the mental and physical condition of patients, including behavioral observations as part of a behavioral plan or observational behavioral protocol, and to relate them orally and in writing; a working knowledge of the accepted housekeeping procedures of the hospital facility and the ability to apply such knowledge; the ability to cooperate and work with other employees (clinical and non-clinical with a variety of expertise); the ability to accept direction from clinical professionals and to follow oral and written instructions; a familiarity with the terms and definitions that make up clinical syndromes and the ability to describe the symptoms of mental illness particularly in the forensic setting; and related knowledge, skills, abilities and capacities.


Education: Such as may have been gained enough: possession of an Associates Degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university in Behavioral Science, ability to read, write and speak English.
Experience: Such as may have been gained through: one year of employment in a private or public hospital or clinical program involving participation in the care, custody, treatment and rehabilitation of severely and chronically mentally disabled persons.
Or, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience in the treatment of the severely mentally ill persons.


The following conditions of employment must be met at the time of employment: Must be physically and psychologically qualified to perform duties of the class of position and to display professional attitudes and conduct throughout the period of employment; shall be considered medically and psychologically fit for the position after examination by qualified personnel designated by the department; such qualification shall require a vision test of at least 20/100 Snellen in the better eye, without glasses, corrected to at least 20/70 Snellen in one eye and 20/30 Snellen in the other eye with the added requirement that defective vision must not be due to active or progressive organic disease; including a hearing test in which each ear must test at least 15/15 by the Whispering Voice Test; at the time of employment must be registered as a Nursing Assistant by the Rhode Island Department of Health as per the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island, and must remain registered as such as a condition of employment; must at all times by physically qualified to perform the assigned duties as evidenced by a physician's certificate.

Supplemental Information

Pre-Employment Requirements for all candidates to receive a position at ESH is the proof of immunity against:
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
Varicella (Chickenpox),
Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap),
Hepatitis B titers,
Tuberculin Skin Test(TST)

This requirement is based on the Rhode Island Department of Health Rules and Regulations for the Immunization, Testing and Health Screening of Healthcare Workers [R23-17-HCW]
Please contact Employee Health Clinic within 2 business days of accepting the position. The Employee Health Office at the Eleanor Slater Hospital is open 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday at
Cranston Ph: (401) 462-2001 Fax:462-1683 Email:
Zambarano Ph: (401) 567-5524 Fax: 567-4003

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