Eagle Global Scientific (EGS), LLC is looking for a Bio-Scientific and Statistical Subject Matter Expert to perform the following duties: Develops strategies using statistical analysis to draw scientific conclusions or predications based on data summaries or statistical analysis for Enterprise-Wide research activities. Determines which statistical methodology is applicable based on comprehensive knowledge of parametric and nonparametric hypothesis tests, univariate and multivariate linear and nonlinear modeling, life table analysis, time series analysis and instrument validation procedures. Detailed support shall include:
  • Development of detailed data and process models.
  • Proficiency in delineating requirements within the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and/or Statistical Analysis Software (SAS).
  • Provide biostatistical consultation to PIs or colleagues. Coordinate database preparation for data analysis, including assessment for any data transformation requirements.
  • Provide written detailed analysis plans and descriptions of analyses and findings for research protocols or reports.
  • In-depth analysis of clinical or survey data using statistical approaches including but not limited to longitudinal analysis, mixed effect modeling, logistic regression analysis and model building techniques.
  • Review clinical or medical research protocols and recommend and conduct appropriate statistical analyses.
  • Prepare statistical data for inclusion in data monitoring committees, AF/DoD/Federal regulatory agencies, project managers or investigators.
  • Calculate samples size requirements for clinical studies.
  • Determine project plans, timelines, or technical objectives for statistical aspects of biological research studies.
  • Translate statistical information into documents relevant to manuscripts/ presentation being published by investigators. Prepares written synthesis of analysis results for inclusion in research manuscripts, presentations, and reports. Assesses the adequacy of the presentation of data, methods and purported objectives of the research projects.
Master of Science in Statistics, required with a minimum of eight (8) years of experience in the field of bio-medical and laboratory management within the last 9 years preferred with experience related to conducting clinical research and analyzing medical data.

EGS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to any protected category. Hiring preference will be given to BBNC shareholders, their spouses and descendants and Alaska Natives in accordance with Public Law 93-638.
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